Ending the Demand for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Jason Johnston
Jason Johnston

Jason Johnston with Soul Fire has been partnering with Rivers of Justice to end the demand for domestic minor sex trafficking since 2013.  Soul Fire exists to offer Gospel hope in a porn-filled world, as pornography continues to fuel the demand for the trafficking of children. Jason Johnston works full-time for The Navigators at Clemson University as a campus minister.  One particular ministry emphasis is helping students walk in sexual integrity in the midst of the rising levels of pornography addiction. Jason trains churches and parents to prevent the next generation of spiritual leaders from growing up in our churches addicted to porn.

“Forty-nine percent of all trafficking victims and 70 percent of underage trafficking victims reported that pornography was made of them while they were enslaved” (Fight the New Drug).  Yet 68% of church going men view porn on a regular basis (Pure Desire Ministries).  “[In] 2016, roughly half of the young women whom we could consider fundamentalist Protestants reported viewing porn in the previous year” (Samuel Perry, Addicted to Lust).  The porn industry is shielded by the lie that it isn’t hurting anyone.  We can attempt to believe that these are highly paid actors and actresses willingly participating.  However, the big picture of the porn industry shows drugs, coercion, violence, intimidation, and trafficking.  If the church wants to be the salt and light needed to free victims from sex trafficking, we must start by ending the demand created by pornography. 

If you would like to schedule Jason to speak at your church or to any organization please contact us and we will schedule a time for him to share with your group.

Video: Porn=Sex Trafficking 

Sex and pornography are taboo topics for parents, and many parents give their children open access to the internet without any guidance.  Pornography preys upon children.  It’s not a matter of if, but when our children will be exposed to pornography.  Pornographers know they have a highly addictive product and the earlier they engage our children the more likely they will become lifetime users.  Many social media sites grant adults full access to contact and interact with children.  Predators use sextortion to gain leverage over a minor to extort more deviant behavior like pictures, videos, or meeting in person.

Video: Two reasons parents don’t talk to their kids about porn 

“Jason Johnston works to educate and equip parents, church staff, and members of the community with a Gospel-centric perspective on how to combat pornography and reach those we love who are affected, addicted, and afflicted by such an insidious, pervasive evil with the cleansing, healing love of Jesus Christ.”  

Rev. Jeff Kersey, Senior Pastor Mount Horeb UMC

Video: don’t make this parenting mistake 

Browse safely

Jason has been using and recommending Covenant Eyes internet accountability for over 15 years.  Covenant Eyes provides internet monitoring and filtering for accountability on our connected devices. You can check out Covenant Eyes for yourself, your family, or your church here.

Specific Areas of Training Available through Soul Fire

  • The Current Reality of Pornography in the church.
  • Porn, the Brain and the Nature of Addiction and why trying harder doesn’t work.
  • The Path to Healing: How to help those who are already struggling or addicted.
  • Education for Parents: Your children will see porn. They are learning about sex; the only question is who is teaching them.
  • Training for parents: Prevention for youth and shepherding children through our digital, porn filled world.
  • Resources for your church to continue to address this issue.
  • Small group curriculum for sexual integrity titled, “The War of the Soul”.  

If you would like to schedule Jason to speak at your church or to any organization please contact us and we will schedule a time for him to share with your group.