Rivers of Justice, Honduras

Honduras is a diverse country in Central America with rainforests, sandy beaches, Mayan ruins and much more for tourists to behold. However, Honduras is also a country where child sex abuse is rampant and there has been little help for those who want to protect their children. Our president was asked to come and educate Hondurans using the Darkness to Light training which teaches adults how to recognize respond to and prevent child sex abuse.

Research informs us that 90% of children who are trafficked have been sexually abused before they are trafficked. During her second trip it occurred to Dena that having a representative for Rivers of Justice in Honduras would allow for the education of so many more people than she could reach. In addition this person would speak the language, understand the culture, and be able to respond to issues in the country that she could not.

On her last trip Dena had an interpreter in one of the cities who had a great burden for the children and people of Honduras and who had worked with Honduran children for the past 25 years. After prayer, discussion with the Board of Directors, and with the interpreter, Rivers of Justice, Honduras was born.

Becky Fillpot
Becky Fillpot

We flew our new representative to Atlanta in August to take the Darkness to Light facilitator training and sent her back with a suitcase full of books to get started. The response to her training has been overwhelming and within six weeks she had already trained 65 people with more requests for the near future. Now we would like you to meet our Honduras representative.

Becky Fillpot grew up in the home of missionaries to Mexico and spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 1984 she married Darrel and after being in the pastorate for several years in the United States they became missionaries to Peru, and Guatemala, and for the past 25 years have been based in LaCeiba, Honduras where they minister to children and youth. They have established a large children’s church, administered camps, worked in the public schools doing assemblies and most recently began a ministry in the public schools where Becky, Darrell and their assistants reach 470 classrooms weekly; they reach approximately 13,000 children.

Becky and Darrell minister to high-risk children and youth in some of the most dangerous and needy areas of LaCeiba. Along with ministering to their spiritual needs, they provide food, support, and encourage them to further their education.

Recently Becky became a facilitator for trauma healing in adults and youth. She has plans to expand this into facilitating trauma healing for children.

Becky and Darrell have three adult children and one grandchild.

A classroom of Hondurans holding up their Darkness 2 Light certificates

As you can see, Rivers of Justice, Honduras is in good hands. We are very excited about our expansion and eager to see where it will lead.

These are some of the comments from Hondurans who have taken the Darkness to Light Training.

“Excellent training, it should be shared with all teachers in Honduras and with all people who work with children and teenagers.”

“The truth is that it is very good information, because of fear this problem is out of control, so it is important to talk about.”

“I admire your willingness to serve and to help the Honduran people that have so many problems.”