Mentor Oconee

The mission of Rivers of Justice is to prevent children from becoming victims of sex trafficking. As we continue to seek ways to carry out our mission we would like to tell you about our latest opportunity for you to become involved with us in the area of prevention.

Starting in September, 2017, Rivers of Justice has partnered with Mentor Upstate in the Oconee County School System. Our new venture is called Mentor Oconee. Research tells us that mentoring can improve a student’s confidence, attitude, behavior and academic performance.

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What is a mentor?

  • 55% of children in Oconee are impoverished.
  • Mentors can improve children’s behavior and confidence
  • Many children in Oconee County have few or no positive role models.
The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

Mentors commit to…

  • Visiting with 1 student for
  • 30 minutes each week for
  • 1 school year.

This year I became a mentor at a local elementary school. When I first went to meet my mentee I got nervous, wondering if she would like me or if we would have things to talk about. However, at that first lunch with her all of those nerves melted away as she captured my heart.
Since then I spend my Wednesday lunches with her in the school cafeteria, laughing and talking about her life. She updates me on her weekend, her friends, and shares details of her life.
Getting to know her has been one of the greatest honors of my life. She is a radiant little girl with a heart of gold, who laughs easily, and is interested in everything. Some days (when weather permits) I go to recess with her and play with her friends. I thought I had left the days of an “imaginary dragon” behind, but now my Wednesdays consist of just that. And what a joy it is. Being a mentor has truly been one of my biggest blessings and it is all because of this sweet girl.

Mentor Oconee Volunteer

How do I become a mentor?

Go to and click on the heading Be A Mentor and follow the instructions. Then go to the top of the page to check the dates and times for training in Oconee County and sign up. Follow the steps on the page.

The greatest gift you have to offer an at-risk child is your genuine interest in his or her life and your willingness to listen attentively to them. Each person brings a wide range of life experiences to the mentoring relationship and can be a wonderful source of advice and information.