We can put an end to child sex trafficking and exploitation.

“I have the best people in my life that I could ever ask for. I am the happiest I have ever been.”
A  Survivor

Our Mission

The mission of Rivers of Justice is to end domestic minor sex trafficking through prevention, education, action, and demand.

Fighting Misinformation

Recently, we have received numerous questioning the validity of various conspiracy theories related to child trafficking. We have observed a mass spread of misinformation, which is actually a threat to our country’s sexually exploited children.

Our Campaign

Each year, in an attempt to make the public aware of this crime against children, we strategically locate billboards around the Upstate of South Carolina. Our board this year not only raises awareness of child trafficking it also gives viewers a way that they can respond. We have found these boards to be very effective and have received feedback from not only people in South Carolina but also many in surrounding states.

billboard with child trafficking hotline

Our Vision

A world where all children are free from sexual exploitation.