We can put an end to child sex trafficking and exploitation.

“I have the best people in my life that I could ever ask for. I am the happiest I have ever been.”
A  Survivor

Our Mission

The mission of Rivers of Justice is to end domestic minor sex trafficking through prevention, education, action, and demand.

Fighting Misinformation

Recently, we have received numerous questioning the validity of various conspiracy theories related to child trafficking. We have observed a mass spread of misinformation, which is actually a threat to our country’s sexually exploited children.

Our Campaign

We have found billboards to be an excellent method of raising awareness of child sex trafficking in our country.  Each year we hear from many individuals who have seen our boards and want more information about child trafficking and how they can become involved. Spring 2021 marks our 7th billboard campaign.

However, billboards are only the beginning. It is a first and powerful step to getting information to a large population of victims and a large population of consumers that need to make a different decision.  We hope our boards will help those who see them: that people will recognize victims and call the Human Trafficking Hotline Number; and that victims will see the number and call for help.

Stop Human Trafficking Bilboard

Our Vision

A world where all children are free from sexual exploitation.